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The Last Stupid Thing (2016)

On a beautiful cliff by the sea, Ruth and Ellen settle an argument about responsibility in a pretty irresponsible way.

Starring:Maree Lowes, Erin Kebby, Mathew Heys, Patrick Hudson

Writer/Director: Thomas Hudson

Producers:Laura Butler and Thomas Hudson

Dur: 7mins 29secs


‘The Last Stupid Thing’ is a film about responsibility and consequence – small, thoughtless actions can have big, unintended consequences. It also explores the power we have to deceive and manipulate those closest to us.

While featuring elements of drama, there is a darkly comic and almost absurdist feel to the girls unfortunate twist of fate. The film also features two great female actors (Maree Lowes & Erin Kebby) depicting a relationship, the nature of which isn’t always entirely clear – we just know they have history, and that this strange, uncanny situation has brought old issues to a head. This dynamic, combined with the small coastal town sense of place gives the film a genuinely unique feel that I’m proud we achieved.

We were extremely lucky to shoot the film at a beautiful spot at Fisherman’s bay in Port Stephens, NSW. I’m also incredibly thankful for the small, committed and talented team that made this possible.

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